Exports and Industrial Division

Exports and Industrial Division 

In 2018, we officially kicked off our Exports and Industrial Division to assist new and existing US forest products facilities in expanding and strengthening their markets locally and globally,  as well as assisting in procurement of forest products for both US and Global Industrial  Customers. For Exports, we offer a turn key export service that targets markets where your  products are most valuable. Part of this process is also evaluating opportunities in domestic  markets. There is an insatiable demand for sustainable forest products like we abundantly grow  and produce. 

For Global Buyers looking to source US Forest Products, Woodsmen is your gateway to the US  Market and Supply, especially in the Carolinas and Virginia of the US Southeast. 

Our Timber Wealth Management Division manages private timberland in 3 states. We fully  understand regional market challenges both for raw materials and finished products. Our  Exports and Industrial Division is here to help your team solve your export, procurement, and  marketing/sales needs. Export and Domestic sales contracts add 6-8 figures to your bottom line  each year, and solving procurement issues ensures that your facilities run at peak production year round. 

Utilizing an integrated domestic and global network, Woodsmen Forestry, PLLC has become a  well-known Global brand. Whatever US Forest Product you need; Whatever US Forest Product  you have or want to sell in commercial quantities; We deliver the results and solutions you need to help maximize your facility’s efficiency and profitability. 

To Our Timber Wealth Management Clients: 

As Timber Wealth Managers, our ultimate goal is to maximize the value of our client’s timber.  Woodsmen manages timber in 3 states across multiple market, terrain, and timber type regions.  The stronger the markets are, the more profitable it is to grow sustainably managed timber. Top  Dollar wins in our Timber Sales. Sometimes it may be an Industrial client of ours, sometimes it  will not. 

Our President/CEO: Jeff Boothby, R.F. began looking into Global markets in 2010 when the US  Domestic Forest Products industry was still in great turmoil from the 2008 Recession. He  quickly realized that there were tremendous opportunities in Global markets for all of us in the  US supply chain.  

He humbly says: “I saw significant need and opportunity, so I started making solutions. Kind of  cool it helps close trade deficits in the process. My favorite part is that almost all of our global  customers use our forest products for their own domestic use, so they only strengthen our US  Industry; Everyone Wins, especially the environment.”

Timber Wealth Management You Can Take to the Bank.