Industrial Procurement and Exporting Division

We have a growing industrial and exporting client base that we assist in procuring their wood product needs.

Industrial Procurement:

Our industrial procurement clients touch a wide array of industries that utilize wood products. There are a number of processes that can more cleanly and effectively utilize wood or wood components. Especially for facilities needing less than 100,000 tons/year, we offer a cost-effective solution to sourcing and procuring the wood products our clients need. Markets can shift, trucking costs can increase, supply can vary, and your demand may vary. Regardless of what changes over time may present themselves in the marketplace, Woodsmen Forestry is here to ensure that your supply chain is oriented to maximize your profitability.


The Southeastern United States is known as the “Timber Basket” of the world for a reason. Our Southern Yellow Pine is a quality, sustainably managed wood product that is in great abundance whether you want logs or kiln dried lumber. The quality and beauty of American Hardwoods matches all but the rarest hardwood species from around the world. While hardwood logs are in tight supply, there is a significant supply of kiln dried lumber available in the marketplace. Through our Timber Wealth Management division covering the Carolinas and Virginia, we have an extensive knowledge of and working relationship with the abundant number of sawmills in this very large region of the Southeastern US. We can’t guarantee that the product you want is available in the market, however, we know where look if it is. We make buying these wood products a simple, turnkey process.