We’re not here to pressure anyone into cutting their timber.Our goal is to meet your needs and goals, period.

Customized management ensures that you get the results you want no matter what you may want from you land and timber.
A forest investment takes most of a lifetime to mature, and mistakes made now from rushing, poor timing, or just not knowing will cost you now and at the final harvest, potentially several decades from now.

Taxes are always a question that pops up, and there are many legal ways that we can help to ensure the best tax situation for you when harvesting timber and performing other various tasks to meet your goals for your property.

Payments can be split, advances can be made at the beginning of harvests, needed work can be timed near a harvest so that all or part of it qualifies as a Cost of Harvest tax write off, there are so many ways that we can customize the management of your forest investment to best meet your needs and goals while saving on taxes.

Thankfully, Timber is considered Long-Term Capital Gains.

Customized Management with proven results.

“We talked to Timber Buyers and other Consultants. The highest bid was $15,000. Then we called Woodsmen Forestry, and Jeff got us over $44,000 for the same timber. We should have called him first.”

James B.

Wadesboro, NC