Timber Sales

This is where the metal meets the wood. Our greatest value to our clients is in producing income. Knowing Timber Markets, trends, and the best ways to accomplish your harvest is what we do day in, day out.  


Woodsmen’s Standard Harvest Service is a turnkey solution that oversees and guides every aspect of the project from start to finish. We take a hands on approach that includes keeping you well informed throughout the process. Planning, Marketing, Pre-Harvest Prep work, Logger Oversight, Cleanup, Security Cameras, Settlements, Analysis, and any needed paperwork including most Cost-Share and Present Use Value programs. With final harvests, our job isn’t over until you have trees replanted in the ground. Best of all, we’re paid on what you’re paid, so getting you every penny is how we feed our families.


We keep things easy for you. Most of the time all you have to do is decide the plan with us, sign the contract and a couple of documents with the winning bidder, and wait for your timber check(s). We handle the rest, and we make cost-share, site prep, and replanting easy like this too.