Timber Wealth Management

Anyone can grow and cut trees. Timber Wealth Management is a Generational Wealth tool that ensures that the Land, Timber, and Farm aspects of your portfolio perform to their maximum potential based on your goals. Whether it is a short term investment, a business holding, or a family property to be passed through the generations, we’re here to help guide you through that process and cover every angle. 


Woodsmen’s continually growing management base covers tens of thousands of acres in the Carolinas, Virginia, and parts of eastern Tennessee. It’s by results and adding to your profits that we have built this growing portfolio of profitable, sustainably managed private timberland clients. 


Don’t waste the opportunity to make your property the best that it can be. Contact our Timber Wealth Management team today. 


Jeff’s Thoughts:

I fully understand the challenges of managing timberland, as well as the hesitation of changing managers. Every landowner that has made the change to Woodsmen has stayed with us because they immediately see the benefits of our hands on customized approach. 


My family is one of the largest non-industrial private landowners in our county. It’s not just growing and cutting trees. We have to incorporate taxes, deductions, basis, financial needs, no cost and low cost wildlife improvements, pest problems, cost-share, and several other aspects into every major decision we make on our properties. This is the customized Timber Wealth Management that ensures our family farm will endure through the generations and always be a great asset and profitable investment. 


Timber Sales

This is where the metal meets the wood. Our greatest value to our clients is in producing income. Knowing Timber Markets, trends, and the best ways to accomplish your harvest is what we do day in, day out.  


Woodsmen’s Standard Harvest Service is a turnkey solution that oversees and guides every aspect of the project from start to finish. We take a hands on approach that includes keeping you well informed throughout the process. Planning, Marketing, Pre-Harvest Prep work, Logger Oversight, Cleanup, Security Cameras, Settlements, Analysis, and any needed paperwork including most Cost-Share and Present Use Value programs. With final harvests, our job isn’t over until you have trees replanted in the ground. Best of all, we’re paid on what you’re paid, so getting you every penny is how we feed our families.


We keep things easy for you. Most of the time all you have to do is decide the plan with us, sign the contract and a couple of documents with the winning bidder, and wait for your timber check(s). We handle the rest, and we make cost-share, site prep, and replanting easy like this too.